If, for just $3.00 a month, you could inspire a girl to greatness--be it your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or other young woman who's important to you--would you?

You can!-- by signing her up for our inspirational mailing program for girls where we send monthly cards and packets of inspirational and motivational materials!inspire

We have received so much positive feedback from girls, parents, and sponsors about our Inspire A Girl to Greatness program!

We are having another round of our "Not Just An Ordinary Girl!" series with all new material starting January 2017 and you can sign up or renew your girl now! This round will continue to (1) encourage girls to discover and develop their strengths, and (2) give positive ways to handle challenges.


Each girl receives this 11x8, personalized with her name, with this new series. It's ready to be framed and put on display!

Successful companies and organizations have long recognized the power of displaying in the workplace, motivational posters featuring captivating images with inspiring words.

We make that same power available in 4x6 postcard form --making them easy to tack to a bulletin board, tape to a bathroom mirror, carry in a purse or backpack, and slip into the front cover of a notebook.-easy accessibility for a dose of positivity. With that card, a practical application tool is included to help

Mailing Sample

The theme for this mailing was "Being Thankful". Each girl's packet included the photo card inspiring 'thankfulness' and a calendar to write down something each day that she's thankful for.




Once becoming a member of the program, each girl receives:


Behind the scenes we have:

This is a Christian-based venture, so biblical sayings and other wise words are used without being preachy.

Navigating the waters of adolescence is challenging, especially with the negative messages girls are constantly subjected to in our media-saturated culture. This is just another tool to remind girls and young women how valuable they are, and how each has her own special beauty and a life that has purpose. And girls love to get mail!

Two subscriptions are available - A 6-month subscription for $20, or 12 months for $36

You can subscribe up to 3 girls at a time with our online form.


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